New Construction

  • Competitive pricing
  • Experienced project management
  • In house Sheet Metal fabrication
  • More than 175 field personnel
  • On-time performance

With Orndorff & Spaid’s extensive investment in the most modern equipment, our full capability for in house sheet metal fabrication and with our experienced project management, your job can be completed right on schedule at costs that are very competitive.

When you hire Orndorff & Spaid, you get the services of roofing contractors who treat your project individually. We never assume that all roofing projects are the same, so we will work with you to develop the best roofing options for new construction, suggest alternatives for existing structures, and determine the most cost-efficient methods for handling your roofing needs.

You can hire us directly, or take advantage of our competitive pricing during a roofing bid. Once hired, we will handle all project management and maintain consistent communication throughout the project. We promise that you will appreciate the service and workmanship we can provide for your project.

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“I have been working with Orndorff & Spaid for close to 15 years, ever since I became the managing partner for E.E. Reed Construction on the East Coast.  O&S’s entire team is extremely focused on providing great customer service. In 2018 we experienced over 84 inches total rainfall, however O&S has made it a point to let all at E.E. Reed know how important each of our projects are and made the extra efforts to insure that not only E.E. Reed’s expectations were met, but our clients as well for keeping with the tight schedules.

O&S has the experienced manpower and expertise to provide unmatched speed with very high quality.  When needed they are able to provide the necessary manhours to get the job done and hit the project schedule no matter what.  They are very organized and make sure the products are on the job when needed.  We see them as a trusted partner in this fast paced time.  Orndorff & Spaid understands the big picture and provides the resources needed for each of our projects to hit the goals that are set by our clients.”

Doug Peterson: President, E.E. Reed Construction